What Are Your Favourite Design Details On Current Cars?

We often describe cars of today as being dull, bland, generic whilst wistfully dreaming of the slender curves of say, an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale or the iconic visual power of muscle cars from the late 1960's. I don’t share this view that all modern cars look the same, in fact, I downright disagree.

Beautiful, Right? Source - Petrolicious

I think if we look hard we can find examples of designers being able to express themselves in a sea of vehicles designed by committees who would rather play it safe than have something genuinely striking.


I think if I had to choose a brand that takes design risks most frequently with their cars, I’d say Citroën. I really started to take notice of Citroën’s current design language when the C4 Cactus dropped in 2014, it was just so (ready for the cliché?) Avant Garde with it’s sort of mini SUV styling combined with the airbumps and it was the debut of their new aggressive corporate face.

Citroen C4 Cactus, Source : Car Magazine UK

I also like the reasonably minimal interior, they wanted to create a satchel like top hinged glovebox, so they developed a passenger airbag that deploys from the roof. I mean take a look at this glorious brown interior.

Simple and functional, with flair. Source - Carbuyer.co,uk

Citroën has more cars with distinctive design features across its range, like the C4 Grand Picasso and the new C3. So tell me Oppo, what are your favourite design cues in modern cars? What brands are doing it right? Am I talking our of my ass? let me know below.

Leon Humphrey is a 24 year old Mechanical Engineer from South East England whose educational background was focused around Motorsport, he currently works in the Oil & Gas industry and spends his days dreaming about Porsches and Alfa Romeos.

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